The Faroe Islands are an untouched treasure of Europe. Being a part of Denmark, the nation has its own language, unique culture and beautiful landscapes all around.


Vágar is the island that most visitors explore first, thanks to the airport that lies here. The first day of our trip, we hiked around the Leitisvatn lake, one of the most famous locations of the Faroes. The scenery is spectacular – the lake looks like it is floating above the ocean, protected only by the cliffs. Amazing.


Another beautiful location in Vágar is the village of Bøur. These cottages with grass on top and the rocky Tindhólmur islet in the background are incredibly photogenic.


And, finally, there is Gásadalur and its famous waterfall. The tunnel leading to this village was built in 2006. Before that, one could get here only by crossing the mountains or sailing the nearby fjord.


Streymoy is the largest and most populated island of the Faroes. Saksun, located in the northern part of the island, is an old village with a population of only 8. The outdoor museum consists of a church and a historic farm.


Streymoy is also home to Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands. With its gallery and many restaurants and cafés, it’s definitely a place to go. Especially on a rainy day, when your options for hiking are limited.


In Eysturoy, we visited Funningur, a picturesque town that lies at the foot of Slættaratindur – the highest mountain of the Faroes. We hiked the ridge of the mountain, which rewarded us with breath-taking views over the fjord and the surrounding peaks.


Borðoy is where Klaksvik, the second largest town of the Faroes, lies. From here, we took a ferry to the Kalsoy island, where we planned to see the famous Keller lighthouse. It was very foggy that morning, but I heard the place was pretty cool in bad weather as well, so we decided to give it a shot.


No need to worry about the weather! Right after we arrived to Trøllanes, the northernmost village in Kalsoy, the sky started to clear up and we enjoyed a wonderful hike to the Keller lighthouse.